Return and Cancellation Policy

Rent Boat Tenerife is a leading boat rental service with a simple, straightforward, and transparent refund and cancellation policy. We believe in delivering exceptional experiences to our customers and strive to make our policies customer-friendly.

Risk-Free Cancellations

The reservation system at Rent Boat Tenerife allows customers to cancel their boat bookings without any charge within specific timelines. When a customer makes a booking, we require a prepayment. However, if the customer decides not to use our services, reschedule the booking date, or change the selected boat for various reasons such as bad weather or sickness, the prepayment will not be refundable. Each boat comes with its cancellation conditions, which customers can find in the information provided at the time of booking. The cancellation period usually ranges between 24 and 72 hours. To cancel a booking, customers can contact us by email at or call us at +34600469283. Please have your booking number and contact details handy.

Guidelines for Refunds During Service

While Rent Boat Tenerife manages the booking process, we do not participate in the excursion. If any issue arises during your trip, we recommend addressing your complaints and refund queries with the on-site service provider. In cases where the partner agrees to a full refund and communicates with us, we will process the refund of your prepayment immediately. It is crucial to note that if the partner offers a solution to your complaint through a monetary refund or a gift, and you accept it, no further claims can be considered. Although Rent Boat Tenerife strives to ensure customer satisfaction, we cannot guarantee refunds for incidents during the excursion. For such incidents, please direct your complaints to the partner.

Late Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Rent Boat Tenerife’s policy also covers late cancellations and no-shows. In such scenarios, the customer may be subject to additional charges or penalties as per the terms and conditions. In the case of no-shows, the paid service cost is non-refundable.

Right to Refuse Service without Refund

Rent Boat Tenerife reserves the right to deny service or discontinue cooperation without providing a refund under certain circumstances. If a customer exhibits disruptive, threatening, or offensive behavior or causes damage to the property, we can refuse service. Any behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance to other participants or our staff could result in service denial. We always prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers and staff.

By clarifying our policies on refunds and cancellations, our goal is to build trust and transparency with our customers. At Rent Boat Tenerife, we strive to offer exceptional experiences to all our customers while ensuring to maintain a comfortable and respectful environment.


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