Fishing Tenerife

Fishing Tenerife

6 Rentals
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With captain (included) ocadia-tenerife-fishing
from 135.00/hour
Marina San Miguel, Amarilla Golf, Tenerife
  • 10 m
  • 6 Hours min.
  • 10 Guests
  • Fishing Tenerife, Motorboat Rental
With captain (included) Moira-tenerife
from 63.00/hour
Puerto Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  • 9 m
  • 4 Hours min.
  • 6 Guests
  • Fishing Tenerife, Motorboat Rental
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
  • 7.5 m
  • 2 Hours min.
  • 8 Guests
  • Fishing Tenerife, Motorboat Rental, Self Drive Boat Hire
With captain (included) Sofia Big Game Fishing Boat 5
from 140.00/hour
Puerto Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  • 13.4 m
  • 4 Hours min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Fishing Tenerife, Motorboat Rental
With captain (included) NO LIMITS tenerife
from 110.00/hour
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
  • 11.89 m
  • 4 Hours min.
  • 10 Guests
  • Fishing Tenerife, Motorboat Rental
With captain (included)
from 120.00/hour
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
  • 7,4 m
  • 2 Hours min.
  • 4 Guests
  • Fishing Tenerife, Motorboat Rental

Whatever type of boat you’re looking for, we’ve got it

Get ready to experience the thrill of the catch in the stunning waters of Tenerife. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner ready to get your hands wet, our boat fishing in Tenerife will provide you with an adventure you'll never forget. Expect a blend of fantastic fishing, breathtaking natural beauty, and personalized service that makes every trip truly unique.

Fishing Trips in Tenerife

There's nothing quite like the feeling of casting your line into the sparkling Atlantic waters on one of our fishing trips in Tenerife. Home to an abundance of marine life, including blue marlin, tuna, and wahoo, Tenerife is a fishing enthusiast's dream. Guided by our experienced crew, you'll learn the best techniques and secrets for a successful fishing trip. We provide top-notch equipment and a comfortable fishing environment, ensuring you have the most rewarding experience possible.

Private Fishing in Tenerife

Seeking a more intimate experience with your friends or family? Our private fishing in Tenerife options are perfect for you. These trips offer a personalized experience, allowing you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones while chasing the big one. We customize each trip to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want to target a specific species or explore different fishing spots, our knowledgeable team is here to make your private fishing adventure a memorable one.

Fishing Charters & Tours in Tenerife

Our fishing charters and tours in Tenerife combine the excitement of fishing with the joy of exploration. As you reel in your catch, take in the majestic views of Tenerife's coastline and the neighboring Canary Islands. For those who wish to delve deeper into the local marine life, we offer eco-friendly fishing tours, promoting sustainable practices that protect the environment while allowing you to indulge in your passion for fishing.

Embrace the unique combination of excitement, relaxation, and natural beauty that is boat fishing in Tenerife. Create memories that will last a lifetime as you dive into the adventure of fishing in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, the catch of a lifetime is waiting for you in Tenerife. Cast your line with us today!


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