Dolphin & Whale Watching in Tenerife

Whale Watching Tenerife

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Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 19.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 29.00
Puerto Los Cristianos, Tenerife
from 18.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
White Paradise Catamaran
from 23.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 21.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 45.00
Las Galletas, Tenerife
from 28.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 38.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
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Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
EL MOJO PICON Bavaria 44
from 45.00
from 55.00
Los Gigantes, Tenerife
from 40.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
White Sea 2 Beneteau Oceanis 50 Sailboat
from 38.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 38.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 29.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 29.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
from 21.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife
Abrazo Kennex 445 Catamaran
from 55.00
Costa Adeje, Puerto Colón, Tenerife

Whale Watching in Tenerife

Explore the unexplored, live the unimaginable, and create life-long memories with whale watching in Tenerife. This trip will be a truly enriching experience. The waters surrounding the Canary Island are teeming with majestic marine animals. Ensuring a unique opportunity to see them up close and personal. Novice or experienced marine enthusiasts alike will find this whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife an absolute must-do.

You can’t beat the waters of Tenerife when it comes to whale and dolphin watching. Its crystal-clear waters partnered with its diverse ecosystems make it the perfect destination for animal encounters. And more than just a simple encounter, you’ll get to understand their behavior, appreciate their majesty, and learn about their home while you’re at it. You won't just watch them swim by, you’ll become one with the ocean.

The adventure starts as soon as you leave land behind in favor of open water. As you set sail from the breathtaking shores of Tenerife be prepared to meet dolphins playing around and whales slowly gliding through these waters. Each trip is unique, so you never know what you'll witness today.

Tenerife’s whale and dolphin watching excursions are more than just simply taking in nature – they’re oneness with nature itself. Engaging yourself fully into moments that bridge the gap between land and sea is what this experience hopes to achieve. Whether you’re aboard a small intimate boat or one that fits an entire football team – well maybe not – your time spent on-board will forever be etched into your memory banks. As each second takes away any worry or stress off your shoulder and only leaves room for awe and wonder.

Join us in Tenerife where a show unlike any other unfolds before your eyes — where whales dance with dolphins — where your heart meets imagination. It’s more than just a trip; it’s an adventure into the depths of the sea.

Tenerife Whale Watching Tours

Embarking on whale watching tours in Tenerife is not just about sightseeing; it is an immersive experience at the heart of the ocean. Designed with admiration for marine life and providing an enriching experience for everyone aboard, these tours are guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Each tour offers insight into the lives of these gentle creatures. As you glide through the ocean, expert guides provide information that helps build a relationship between the viewer and the underwater animal. Make sure you observe, learn, and appreciate their behaviors, habitats, and conservation methods. Most importantly you get to become one with them.

If you think the trip is limited to observation, you’re wrong! These trips also focus on educating your knowledge as well as your appreciation for marine animals. However, don't worry if that's not necessarily why you're going. The variety of trips that are available cater to all preferences. If a luxurious yacht experience is what gets you excited or even a family-friendly excursion or perhaps an intimate small-group outing, there's something for everyone.

With each vessel equipped with amenities for safety and comfortability, they make sure your journey on Atlantic waters will be as enjoyable as it is informative.

On top of everything else mentioned above, Tenerife’s unique geographical location and climate make it an ideal spot for whale watching all year round! This means that no matter when you decide to take this adventure up, chances are really high that you’ll witness different whale species. From humpback whales which can get up 52 feet long or curious pilot whales that have a length of 20 feet!

Eco Whale Watching Tenerife

In Tenerife, eco whale watching is the name of the game. It offers a sustainable and responsible way to see these majestic creatures up close. The eco approach isn’t just to protect the animals either - it’s about protecting their home as well.

Eco whale watching in Tenerife is done with an emphasis on respect for the marine environment. Everything is designed to minimize disturbances, so your experience is as natural and respectful as it can be. And this everything is also done in an effort to create a more enjoyable trip.

The tours are careful not to put any stress on the animals. Boats will make sure to always keep a safe distance so they don’t disrupt the creatures' natural behavior. And if that wasn't enough, most operators in Tenerife collaborate with researchers or host programs to educate others.

On board one of these environmentally friendly cruises, you’ll find knowledgeable guides who will tell you everything you need to know about these majestic creatures and the difficulties they face. You'll even get some info on what small things you can do at home to help save them.

If you choose an whale watch cruise in Tenerife, you’re doing much more than just going on another trip - You’re joining a movement that values sustainability above all else! So do your part in making sure we have something left for our kids to look at!

Where Can You Spot Whales in Tenerife?

So, where can you see whales in Tenerife? Several areas in particular provide prime opportunities for whale watching. They include:

  • Whale Watching in Los Cristianos: If you want to combine your whale spotting with a lively town, Los Cristianos is perfect for you. The waters right off its coast are also rich with different species, so you’re bound to see whales often and up close.
  • Whale Watching in Los Gigantes: Known for their towering cliffs, Los Gigantes will give you a stunning backdrop for your whale-watching trips. The deeper waters here also make it a great spot to potentially spot the larger kinds.
  • Dolphin Watching in Costa Adeje: Though it’s no secret that the stars of the show are whales, Costa Adeje is famous for its playful dolphin residents. These nimble creatures won’t just stick to swimming beside your boat — they’ll do tricks too!
  • Whale Watching in Tenerife South: Whale enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that sightings become more frequent on the southern coast of Tenerife. This makes it an ideal area if you want to increase your chances of seeing our gentle giants out in the wild.

With all these diverse locations around the island, Tenerife is sure to be a dream destination for any fan of marine wildlife. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been watching them for years or are only visiting this page on a whim — we promise that seeing them here will be unforgettable!

What Whales and Dolphins Can Be Seen in Tenerife?

The waters of Tenerife are home to many different types of creatures, and it’s one of the best places on Earth for spotting dolphins and whales. There’s everything from big majestic whales to playful little dolphins, so no matter which you see you’re in for a treat. Even though they’re both great, whales are more commonly seen than dolphins though.

Dolphins in Tenerife

  • Common Dolphin: Often seen in large pods, they bring energy and excitement to any dolphin watching trip.
  • Striped Dolphin: Known for their acrobatic jumps and distinctive stripes.
  • Rough-Toothed Dolphin: Unique for their textured teeth, these dolphins are a rare sight.
  • Spotted Atlantic Dolphin: These playful creatures are easily identified by their spotted skin patterns.
  • Risso's Dolphin: With their distinctive gray coloration, Risso's dolphins are intriguing to observe.
  • Bottlenose Dolphin: Iconic and beloved, bottlenose dolphins are regularly seen playing in the wake of boats.

Whales in Tenerife

  • False Killer: Despite their name, these large dolphins are known for their playful behavior near boats.
  • Blue Whale: The largest animal on earth, blue whales occasionally grace Tenerife's waters, offering a breathtaking sight.
  • Sperm Whale: Famous for their deep dives, sperm whales are often sighted in Tenerife.
  • Bryde’s Whale: These sleek, fast swimmers are often spotted feeding in the nutrient-rich waters around the island.
  • Beaked Whale: Enigmatic and less commonly seen, beaked whales are a special treat for watchers.
  • Pilot Whales: Commonly seen around Tenerife, these whales are known for their sociable nature and distinctive appearances.
  • Short-finned Pilot Whale: These smaller whales are a frequent sight, known for their strong social bonds.
  • Sei Whales: Fast and elegant, the Sei whales occasionally make an appearance.
  • Common Rorqual: A regular visitor, the Common Rorqual is recognized for its long, slender body.

On the island of Tenerife, every whale watching trip brings you a chance to see these incredible animals in their natural habitat. It's an experience of a lifetime that you really won't want to miss.

Whale Tenerife Whale Watching Season

The whale watching season in Tenerife is one of the island's most remarkable features, offering year-round opportunities to observe these majestic creatures. However, the best time for whale watching in Tenerife typically depends on the species you're most interested in seeing.

The peak season for whale watching is generally from April to October, when the waters are teeming with a variety of whale species, making sightings more frequent and diverse. During these months, the sea conditions are also usually more favorable, with calmer waters and clearer skies, enhancing the overall experience.

However, one thing Tenerife has going for it is its unique geographical location. This allows many different species of whales and dolphins to be seen throughout the year. Making it a perfect destination for whale watching at any time. If you’re thinking about going during the winter months, that’s also a great time. There are fewer tourists during this season, and different species of whales are migrating through the area.

Whale Watching: The Marine World Expedition

The whale watching experience in Tenerife is a terrific way to embark on adventure. It’s a literal journey where you venture into the ocean and get to see nature at its finest. The trip isn’t just about seeing cool things, it’s about immersing yourself in what they live every day.

From the boat, which is guided by professionals, you’re given insights, facts and other information that can help you appreciate what you’re seeing as well as make sure no one misses out on anything that's going on. While boat riding the excitement of coming across a whale or pod of dolphins is something else. An exhilarating experience for sure.

The silence of your surroundings while in the middle of the ocean, the crash of waves while underwater and being able to see a dolphin swim with your own eyes are moments people hold dear throughout their lives. And with this it’s no different, not only are you bonding with nature but you’re creating unforgettable memories.

Best Blue Flag Whale Watching Boats in Tenerife

When it comes to whale watching boats in Tenerife, the Blue Flag accreditation stands for the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. These boats are not just vessels; they are gateways to an unparalleled marine adventure.

The best Blue Flag whale watching boats in Tenerife are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced crews who ensure a safe, comfortable, and informative journey. These crafts follow environmental rules, keeping the ocean safe. Built with many decks and sturdy glass, passengers easily see out. And stocked with useful gear, it makes voyages fun for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whale and Dolphin Watching in Tenerife

What is the best time for a dolphin trip in Tenerife?

Dolphin trips are great year-round, but the best sightings often occur between April and October.

How long does a typical whale watch in Tenerife last?

Most whale watching tours last between 2 to 5 hours, depending on the package and route.

Are whale watching tours in Tenerife suitable for children?

Absolutely! Whale watching is a family-friendly activity, though age guidelines may vary by tour operator.

Can we swim with dolphins during our trip?

Swimming with dolphins is not typically part of whale watching tours to respect wildlife regulations and ensure the safety of the animals.

What should I bring on a whale watching tour?

It's recommended to bring sunscreen, a hat, a camera, and a light jacket or windbreaker, as it can get breezy on the water.

Is seasickness common, and what can I do to prevent it?

Seasickness can occur, especially if you're not used to boat travel. It's advisable to take seasickness medication beforehand and stay on deck for fresh air and horizon views.

How close can the boats get to the whales and dolphins?

Boats maintain a respectful distance to ensure the animals are not disturbed, following local and international guidelines.


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